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Best Hairstyles with Bangs for Summer 2016

According to the current fashion trends, the bangs are the hottest hairstyles this year for summer. The 2016 summer calls for a hairstyle which is versatile, simple and yet very attractive and the bangs fit into the picture perfectly. There are quite a lot of different types of bangs which are seen currently but it is quite important to find the bangs which would be the perfect look for you. These should be chosen according to your personal style, hair type and face shape.
You will have to be quite careful when choosing this hairstyle since if not done correctly, they can truly ruin your personal look. No matter what type of bangs you choose, ensure that your face is not covered since they are meant to enhance your features. For the current fashion trends for summer and spring 2016, there are many styles of bangs to choose from. However, avoid this hairstyle if you have curly hair. We have complied a list of types of bangs so that you know how to wear and what to wear.

Very Short Bangs

Extra short bangs are perfect for those with oval, round or small faces. These bangs can also be matched with pixie, short haircuts in order to get a rebellious look. If you have a short forehead, these bangs will help you make it look longer.

The Choppy Bangs

The choppy bangs are in full swing in current fashion trends this year and they will look good on women with round and oval faces. These bangs are the best for those who have thin hair and if you want to cover a sharp chin, big forehead or angular jawline. You can choose these bangs if you have long, medium or even short hair.

Side Swept Bangs

If you prefer a very natural look, then side swept bangs would be the perfect option for you because they are very easy to style. These bangs will work for every type of face and so they will also work with loose hair, ponytail and buns. If you have a long forehead or face, avoid side swept bangs. Straight and Full Bangs

Those who have oval faces can choose straight and full bangs since these will hide a few flaws in your face like a wide forehead, big nose and they can also broaden a narrow face. These bangs are supposed to be cut straight on the forehead with no angles and are to be worn very straight. You can even use a straightener in order to style them.

The bangs are in full force in this year’s current fashion trends, so choose your look and sport the bangs. Whatever you wear make sure it suits the shape of your head and your facial features, remember its one thing wanting to look like Taylor swift, it’s another thing actually pulling it off. These icons usually have hundreds of hairdressers giving them styling tips so don’t underestimate that element of it.

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