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Fashion Show Wear

So you get your fashion show invite and you’re stumped not knowing what to wear. We all know that being fabulous, no matter the extreme you take, is a must! If you are the type of girl that needs insight about how to look your best and pretty chic for the runway show, here are a few tips:

-Be sophisticated
Try something loose and flowing well. Be classy! It isn’t a rule that all leopard printed dresses are supposed to be body hugging. Pair it up with a leather jacket to kill monotony. You can also wear a belt instead of the jacket. Take care not to over accessorize as your look will be outrageous. Finish off the look with a simple pair of flats.

-Neon pink-not just black
Neon pink is a bright color and it may be tricky pulling it off. In that case, great care should be taken when trying this look. Choose a long neon pink dress, preferably body hugging, with a long slit at one side. Pair it up with white or black stilettos and accessorize lightly to keep the attention on the dress.

-Do not overspend
Dior Couture’s outfits may be your dream gowns but do not use all your fortune to buy one. Buy a dress that you can afford and can wear it to another function too. Do not buy a dress that is too glamorous for other occasions. Keep it comfortable and bringing the best in you.

-Pick the right cut and fit
Walking out of the cab looking like you raided your mom’s closet is a fashion suicide. How to wear a dress and not kill the look is to ensure that your tailor fits the gown well like a glove. Fix all the flaws your dress may have before you make your way to the fashion event.

-It’s all about you
When it comes down to it, r all that matters to yourself. You may not be in any runway video and your outfit may not be not on sale, so relax and have a good time, and not worry about anything. Enjoy every moment there as that is your main aim.

-Avoid sunglasses
It is a trend to put on sunglasses and pout your lips but here, it is a no –no! These events already have dim lighting and sunglasses will only blind you and you will not enjoy the runway show.

-Be casual
You’re not a model and will not appear in the runway video so keep it casual! The greatest “what to wear” tip is to be yourself. You do not have to look like the model as you are not I a competition with someone. Just be casual and enjoy the show.

Not everything you wear needs loud accessory, but girl, accessorize! Spend money on a nice piece of handbag as eyes will definitely be attracted to what you carry. Ensure the bag you carry is flattering to your outfit. Do not buy the cheap replicas as those may turn heads in the wrong way, and that is not your aim here!

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