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Men’s Style Guide 101: Avoid These Fashion Faux Pas

It’s not uncommon to see an unconventionally dressed man walking down the street. While we all know we shouldn’t stare it’s sometimes hard not to do a double take.

However not everyone who turns does it to admire their different style. Some turn to revile at, and not to revere, their bizarre sense of fashion.

Here are some basic tips for guys who want to look sophisticated without being too over-the-top.

  1. Ditch those Cargo Shorts

Unless you want to appear like a carpenter or other kind of trade worker, you need to move on from this fashion trend of the ‘90s. Donning a pair of these just screams “I am old and outdated” or “I still wear the same clothes I did 20 years ago”. Ditch those cargo pants and your wardrobe will instantly lift its game.

Those cargo pants make you appear larger, hindering the showcasing of your streamlined figure.

  1. Lose the Brand Advertisement T-Shirts

You’re paying money to advertise for Nike, Adidas or Calvin Klein with big bold letters across your chest. Way to go, you sellout! Spend your hard earned dollars supporting some local designers instead and get some t-shirts with a bit of substance. We like the range from Amnesia Clothing but you should find something that suits your personality.

Unless your personality is bland and lacking, ditch those unpaid advertisements and get some vibrant and more fashionable street-wear on instead.


  1. Don’t pair Sandals with Socks

This really shouldn’t have to be said, but sadly this faux pas is far too commonplace. Never wear socks and sandals together, or better yet avoid sandals altogether unless you are going to the beach.


  1. Match your Shoes with the correct color Socks

This goes when wearing both shorts and pants, but is more important when in a formal setting. Ever seen somebody wearing dark pants, dark shoes and white socks? It looks terrible! Ensure your socks match the same color as your shoes so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb!

  1. Tuck in your Shirt

In a formal setting, you should always tuck in your shirt. This goes for almost all long-sleeve collared shirts, unless they were specifically designed for wearing out. A low hemline and curved bottom means the shirt should definitely be tucked in, while a flat bottom (common on some short-sleeve collared shirts) signifies that it’s okay to leave the shirt un-tucked.


As a general rule, if you don’t know the dressing code, just tuck in your shirt to be on the safe side.

Take the above fashion tips on board as a first step to learning about men’s fashion. While there are many more confusing and complicated fashion “rules” for men, these ones are quite simple and if you adhere to them, you’ll be better off than most of the other clueless guys out there who still look like they just stepped off the set of “Saved By The Bell”.

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