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The Latest Trends in Shorts

Classy Shorts

It is without doubt that the shorts have made a comeback this season. The denim cut-offs are not only back but they are also encouraged by styling salons. These places sure know what to wear and how to wear clothes. They have been shredded, ripped up and also splattered with some paint ensuring that you look cool. The hot pants are also becoming popular on the street. On the other hand, there are also some pieces that are nicely tailored with bows, pleats and cuffs.

While wearing the denim cut-offs, you should pair them with something that is not only bright but also colourful and bold. This enables you to achieve a contrast that is perfect ensuring that everything is proportioned without having to look over the top. You can wear the denim shorts with tops that are boldly printed and gold sandals to achieve a perfect summer look. You may also decide to stick with a top that is brightly coloured and thong sandals to achieve a casual look. If you intend to sport some distressed denim cut-offs, you may achieve a contrast by putting them on with some tanks that are loose fitted. You may decide to add to the femininity by wearing some heels. On a day that is cool, you can put on the denim cut-offs with a scarf that is brightly printed or a cardigan. This helps in adding colour and some kind of sophistication. You may also wear denim jeans that are longer, a blazer and strappy sandals for a night out.

Though not every one may be able to run to a store and buy some hot pants, it is without doubt a hot option. But one thing that you should bear in mind if you have plans to wear the shorts is that there is need to work out at a gym. They are best for women who are tall, lean and do not have some vivacious curves. You should also go for a pair which has some negative hemline to ensure that they do not creep up high or cut into the skin. Ensure that you do wear them with some high heels as they do not work with flats. At night you may decide to wear them in blacks to have that sexy look. Wearing them with a shade of purple or green is definitely a choice that is good. You can balance your look by adding a blazer or billowy top that is loose.

Cut-Off Denim Shorts

There are also some classy shots which are nice for an office look. These have an above knee hemline and they offer a fit that is neither too baggy nor clingy. This gives you a professional look. You can wear the shorts with a blouse that is simple and fitted and also some peep toes or pumps. This however will depend on your code of dressing at the work place. During the weekend, you can put on the shorts with ribbed tank and some flat sandals. Therefore, you can be able to make a fashion statement with some sexy shorts

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