Fall Essentials

Must-Have Denim

Denim was all over the streets of fashion weeks across the country. From your classic skinnies to dresses of all lengths, jumpers, jackets, and denim on denim.

50 Shades of Grey Jeans

This season’s trend includes gray jeans! Gray jeans are a great alternative to regular blue denim and match with pretty much everything!

Easy Long Sleeve Blouses

Now that we are immersed in Fall, long sleeve is a fashionable way to stay warm! They are a great piece to layer with by throwing on a jacket to complete the outfit.

Moto-Inspired Jackets

I am obsessed with the motorcycle jacket trend! They started as such a masculine piece that now is softer to appeal to women. Throw on a moto-inspired jacket style to dress up a plain t-shirt.

Must-Have Booties

Forget tall boots! This season it’s all about little booties! They are great for elongating a woman’s leg while adding some flair to her outfit. Replace your summer flip flops with a pair of these stylish booties to not only keep your feet warm but to also add style to your wardrobe.

Importance of Style

1. Dressing in clothes that represent your personality is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. Our identity is based on how other people view us and how we view ourselves. According to Harvard’s School of Health Science, we only get two seconds to make a first impression. Are you saying the right thing?
2.  The goal for every body type is to create visual interest by applying design principles to maximize the positive attributes of each silhouette. Are you choosing the right clothes for your body type?
3.  Wearing certain colors that resonate with your hair, skin and eyes can make all the difference. Colors can make you look more approachable and even help you to stand out in a crowd OR they can drain your coloring.  Do you know the right colors for you?

The combination of these three elements will give you an identity that makes you feel most comfortable in your skin and will help you radiate self-confidence!

It is important to feel confident. Exuding confidence is knowing who you are, what you’re good at, the value you provide and looking and acting in a way that conveys that to others. Give yourself a classy appearance, when your appearance is in sync with how you want people to view you, confidence will easily flow.

Wherever you’re at right now in your life, a successful business owner, president of a company, trying to get a promotion, starting a new job or even a new mom, let me help you define your personal style today! You’ll be surprised what it could do for you.

Meet Stefanie Nissen

Our outfits rarely reflect who we are; and, worse, what we wear may convey a less than flattering appearance. But there is inspired hope that works within your budget.

Fashionable Inspirations will help you define yourself with a unique personal style that represents you and radiates self-confidence.

Stefanie Nissen’s innate ability to recognize what works and what transcends current trends stems from her expertise in the fashion industry.  She’s been a designer of women’s wear, from denim, to high-end apparel and styled some big events such as the Miss Universe pageant. Her approach is to first determine which styles are best suited for your individual body type, coloring and lifestyle. Stefanie will next put together an individualized plan with those specific goals mind.  Her considerable knowledge of color, fit and style comes together to flatter and brand your own unique style.

Stefanie will help you reach your goals to be your own fashionable self.  She will serve your needs, but more importantly, will serve as your personal shopper, closet organizer and wardrobe planner…but with a twist that will transform you inside and out!  Clients will long benefit from her mastered art of revamping wardrobes, by reinventing garments in exciting new ways so that you don’t have to part with your favorite jeans, dress or blouse.

Stefanie specialized in Business Management and Product Development at The Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM). She is a Certified Personal Stylist featured on Wardrobe 911. Her knowledge and how-to will help reflect your true authentic self and inspire you to look and feel great every day.

Personal Stylist Services


I will help you to develop your own unique personal style that conveys your personality, flatters your body type and coloring. My personal stylist services will help you to manage and build your wardrobe.  It’s my job to educate and guide you to find your personal style.

I can meet with you one-time only to get you started, or as someone who meets with you seasonally or as often as you need to plan your looks and wardrobe for your upcoming meetings, travel, special events or just because.


Step 1: In-Home Consultation

At your consultation, we’ll discuss your image goals and develop a plan tailored just for you. We’ll take your measurements to determine your silhouette and overall body type.

You’ll learn the appropriate clothing and styles that fit your lifestyle and personality. You’ll receive an in-depth color analysis utilizing color theory principals and harmonies appropriate for you based on your skin tone, eye, and hair colors.   I use a color system that focuses on true color physics and theory, not the “seasons”.

You’ll discover exactly which styles and colors create powerful impressions for you and, in about two hours, you’ll walk away confidently with your own personal style.

Step 2: Closet Sweep

The closet sweep focuses on developing your core wardrobe (building blocks for personal style) based on what you have now.  We’ll keep what works for you and weed out the rest. We will make a shopping list of items that you need to have a complete wardrobe. Plus, I’ll put together 5 looks with the clothing items you choose.

Step 3: Personal Shopping

A few days later, we go shopping for wardrobe fill-ins and signature pieces at the stores we discuss with a planned budget. I will pre-shop for you so when you arrive at the store you’ll have a collection of pieces pre-selected for you based on your style personality, body type, and your best colors.


This really depends on your personal style.  If you are classic + polished, you just need to replace things that are worn and tired.  If you are a fashion maverick, you would spend more because trends are more important to you.  If you are building a core wardrobe from scratch, it can range from $2-5K.

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that in the long run, this actually saves them money because their core wardrobe is season-less and in their neutral colors so they can mix and match.


Style Consultation

The Style Consultation lasts one and a half hours and includes style guides particular for your style personality and body type and a set of personalized fabric colors of over 50 colors and neutrals to use as your shopping companion guide. I meet you in the comfort of your home.

What To Wear: Transitioning Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Some changes are going to be taking place as the weather begins to cool down. When transitioning from the hot summer weather to the cooler months of fall, you will have to adjust by changing the way you wear your favorite items. You can still use your summer clothes, just change some of the pieces around them to accommodate the changing temperatures. Below you can see how to take a summer ensemble to a fall outfit that will keep you warm.

A Change In Seasons

Printed pants are extremely versatile no matter what season. The top row is a great casual option that is perfect for summer. You can pair your printed pants with sandals, light tank and fun earrings for a put-together look in the day. On the other hand, when dressing for the fall season, throw on a chunky pull-over with black booties.

Transition Denim

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans! You can throw on jeans in any season, just make sure you change the items that you wear them with. When transitioning from summer to fall, trade in your open-toed sandal heels, tanks, and cardigans for boots, long sleeve button-up and leather motorcycle jackets.

Choosing Pieces

Don’t retire your summer skirt just yet! You can use the same skirt with a different spin. Although lighter colors are great for summer, transition your color scheme to darker colors for fall.

Transition Dress 

Grab that summer dress and switch things up! Bring out the dark shades from your printed dress to create a balanced look. Replace your black sandals, that you used in summer, with your open-toed black booties. Grab a leather motorcycle jacket for the cooler weather and to make the look edgier. Add a scarf that will keep you warm once the temperatures start to lower.

Jump Into Fall

Jump into fall with a romper! Although a romper is typically viewed as a summer trend, it is still perfect for fall as long as you keep warm. A denim jacket is a great way to polish off the look and as well as add warmth. Replace your neutral necklace with a scarf to not only complete the look but to keep your neck warm. Also, trade in your sandals for a cute pair of booties.