Meet Stefanie Nissen

Our outfits rarely reflect who we are; and, worse, what we wear may convey a less than flattering appearance. But there is inspired hope that works within your budget.

Fashionable Inspirations will help you define yourself with a unique personal style that represents you and radiates self-confidence.

Stefanie Nissen’s innate ability to recognize what works and what transcends current trends stems from her expertise in the fashion industry.  She’s been a designer of women’s wear, from denim, to high-end apparel and styled some big events such as the Miss Universe pageant. Her approach is to first determine which styles are best suited for your individual body type, coloring and lifestyle. Stefanie will next put together an individualized plan with those specific goals mind.  Her considerable knowledge of color, fit and style comes together to flatter and brand your own unique style.

Stefanie will help you reach your goals to be your own fashionable self.  She will serve your needs, but more importantly, will serve as your personal shopper, closet organizer and wardrobe planner…but with a twist that will transform you inside and out!  Clients will long benefit from her mastered art of revamping wardrobes, by reinventing garments in exciting new ways so that you don’t have to part with your favorite jeans, dress or blouse.

Stefanie specialized in Business Management and Product Development at The Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM). She is a Certified Personal Stylist featured on Wardrobe 911. Her knowledge and how-to will help reflect your true authentic self and inspire you to look and feel great every day.